My Twitter Challenge

By Katherine Tarbox, Senior Editor, REALTOR® Magazine

I recently interviewed Jack Dorsey, one of the co-founders and CEOs of Twitter, for an upcoming technology column in REALTOR® magazine. He is as engaging and as much of a visionary that many in the media have suggested he is.

While some argue that Twitter has reached its threshold, I think it’s just the beginning for this application. As a result of conducting this interview, I’ve turned to reading my news through my Twitter feed, an upgraded RSS feed if you will. In one spot I can browse through the headlines of all my favorite new sources: The New York Times, CNN, Time, and even The Onion.

This wasn’t always the case: I had a hard time understanding Twitter initially. Does anyone really want to know when I’ve landed at O’Hare? Do people really care that I’m addicted to “The Office?” I sure hope not, because I want to think that others have better ways to spend their time.

However, someone challenged me to “tweet” for two weeks about what caught my attention. Twitter is supposed to “reveal trends, and spark innovation,” says Dorsey, but I was convinced that there would be no way that I would enjoy it.

For the first couple of days, I had a rough time finding content. I posted everything from articles about encouraging mortgage rates to my chance encounter with Mr. T at Wrigley Field. It took a week, but finally I got into a groove of posting 140 characters (or less!) about what I and others were paying attention to. At first, I found it odd that random people began to follow my tweets, but it only lead to good things: stories ideas, tips from other real estate practitioners, and being more aware of my network.

I also began to learn about the subculture of Twitter, particularly the fact that Fridays are a special day in the land of “tweeting.” On that day, users send out a message about their other favorite tweeters. So for my FollowFriday, I suggest you follow: @tcar, @pamela_kabati, and @realtormag. I also strongly encourage you to sign up and take the Twitter challenge and send at least five tweets a day for two weeks. It only leads to good things, I promise. Sign up for free at

  1. Rob

    It took me a while to understand Twitter, but once I realized it works best for promoting whatever it is you do, it clicked. Now that can be looked a few ways (the promotion aspect) but really, you need an “agenda” to enjoy Twitter. Promoting that agenda in the right way is the hard part, but once you figure it out it can be really effective.

  2. Twitter is the new age of broadcasting for free. How can you bet free????