Sugar Ray Leonard: “Knocked Down Doesn’t Mean You’re Knocked Out”

By Katherine Tarbox, Senior Editor, REALTOR® Magazine

I hope you’re planning to join us in San Diego, Calif., for the 2009 REALTORS® Conference & Expo in November, which will feature boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard. I had the pleasure of interviewing him this afternoon for the October issue of the magazine about what it takes to stay in the ring and persevere during tough times.

Interestingly enough, Leonard understands how tough it is for practitioners since his son works as a mortgage banker in Atlanta. “The good times are gone,” he says. He noted that fighters get knocked down all of the time, but the key is that they have 10 seconds to get up.

Leonard also spoke about the importance of working out to stay mentally fit. We all understand how critical physical endurance is, but that’s easier said than done. “I consider myself to be a classic car, and even I need tune-ups,” says Leonard, who spends six to seven days a week in the gym (his favorite room in house, because it also has a comfortable sofa).

He recommends that as long as you’re breaking a sweat every day, you’re doing something good not only for your body, but also for your mind. And that keeps you in the game.

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