Learned Over Lunch

By Sarah Trzepacz and Jennifer Cavendish

In a conference this size, you have to make choices about the sessions you attend. The cool thing is that even when you miss a session, you don’t necessarily miss the lesson. Take today’s lunch for example, when we grabbed a bite at the San Diego Convention Center. While sharing a communal table, we stumbled into an energetic conversation among several REALTORS® who had just attended the “Mobile Technology Guide for 2010” session with Max Pigman.

They shared  their excitement about the business potential of  technology and social media tools, and discussed how they could be used to build relationships with clients new and old. While several already used sites like Facebook and Twitter in their personal lives, none had yet deployed them as business tools.  However, inspired by Pigman’s presentation, they were all enthusiastic about taking the leap.

Said one REALTOR®: “I need to get up to speed on this stuff. Technology is the way everything is going now, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In.”

So even if you missed this session, as we both did, or weren’t able to join us in San Diego, you can still benefit from many of the lessons learned here. Audio recordings of many conference sessions are available. So take advantage! You can also get more information on Max and his technology workshops.

  1. I think I may be a ahead of the game to some degree.