Stevens Strongly Defends FHA’s Financials

By Brian Summerfield, Online Editor, REALTOR® Magazine

In an address to hundreds of REALTORS® at the 2009 NAR Conference & Expo Saturday afternoon, FHA Commissioner David Stevens offered a fervent defense of the organization’s financials. He specifically addressed the negative press surrounding the FHA’s recent audit, which showed part of its capital reserves below congressionally mandated levels.

Stevens distinguished the FHA’s capital reserves for unexpected losses from its regular reserve fund, which remains above 2 percent. Together, the two funds equal almost 4 percent in reserves. “We’ve come through the 100-year flood,” he said. “Despite the crisis, FHA is still standing with $31 billion in capital, $3.5 billion more than it had a year ago.”

For this reason, Stevens said comparisons between the FHA and bailed-out companies and GSEs are “ludicrous.” As he pointed out, the FHA was a small part of the market until recently, mainly because it didn’t offer exotic financial products. (It currently comprises about a quarter of the residential mortgage market.)

Right now, the FHA is performing exactly as it should, Stevens said. “FHA has always played a counter-cyclical role in the housing finance system,” he explained. “It’s designed to provide stable sources of capital in an unstable world. Without FHA, there would be no market, and this economic recovery would be significantly slower.”

He also defended the government’s economic relief and stimulus efforts, much of which has been financed with unprecedented deficit spending. “Worrying about deficits right now is like worrying about water conservation when your house is on fire,” he said. “We’re seeing home prices stabilize, and your own Chief Economist [Lawrence Yun] predicts home prices will rise next year. That didn’t happen by accident. That happened because of the stimulus.”

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Brian Summerfield

Brian Summerfield is Manager of Business Development and Outreach for NAR Commercial and Global Services. He can be reached at

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  1. So the media gets it wrong again. Big Surprise.

  2. pam stanford

    I knew Dave when he was at World Savings just before he left to join Freddie Mac.
    Today, I learned he is to mandate full fees for appraisers, hooray. Now if he will also mandate the reasonable payment schedule as required by HVCC and spell out what a reasonable time frame is. I suggest the day the appraisal reports are ordered or the day they are turned in, no exceptions. Taking the float on our money, forcing us into bankruptcy or making it impossible to pay our bills on time is unacceptable which is what the HVCC has created. Once we collected our fees ourselves at the door of the customer, now we are being raped by the amc’s that are taking cash or credit cards up front and taking the float on our money, basically putting us in dire straits. Hope someone hut there gets my message to Mr. Stevens, maybe he can help with our plight.