YPN at NAR 2009: Learning, Connecting, Having Fun

By Jared James, Guest Contributor

What a night it was at REALTOR® Magazine’s YPN exclusive, invitation-only event on the pool deck of the Hotel Solamar. Just when I started thinking that a rooftop might not have been the best place for anyone who enjoys mingling without goose bumps all over their body, we were greeted by conveniently placed heat lamps and fire pits that not only added to the modern feel, but also ensured that everyone stayed warm and comfortable.

I didn’t get to talk to as many people as I would have liked, but of those I did get to interact with, it was nice to see a diversification of experience and levels of success. In this summit of the “who’s who” of young people in real estate, I was surrounded by past and present 30 Under 30 honorees, TV producers, and tomorrow’s up-and-coming stars. One moment I was talking to a charming lady from a  resort destination in Idaho, and the next minute I was greeted by an agent from Beverly Hills, Calif. There was one thing that I found in common with each and every agent that I came in contact with, though, and that was that they all had a curiosity and hunger to learn how to better succeed in today’s changing market.

I got into one conversation with a group of agents from different parts of the country who were all sharing what works for them in their neck of the woods. Although worded in different ways, all of their answers really boiled down to one principle: The more that people like you, the more that they will use you and refer you. That’s it. It is that simple and works in any part of the world. It is important to work on your negotiation skills and marketing strategies, but if people don’t like being around you, nothing else will matter.

Kudos go out to the organizers of this top-notch event. It was nice to be able to be part of a large gathering of REALTORS® that didn’t leave you wanting to jump off of a cliff by the time it was over. Having a positive attitude and the ability to create your own environment are two of the traits that most top producers possess, and that was evident on this night.

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