Two Men I’ll Remember

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  1. Mary C Antoun

    Stacy, you’ve described Mal so well. However, his attorney was correct. Mal’s large successful brokerage firm was forced to close as a result of his stand on what was then called “open housing,” because other brokers refused to coop with him or his agents and refused to show his listings. He knew the risk was real–he discussed it with his wife Mimi before deciding to take a stand, and she fully concurred with the decision.

    Senator Barbara Mikulski (MD) once described Mal as “a man who marched in the streets of Baltimore for fair housing when that was a dangerous thing to do.”

    He subsequently affiliated with another broker and worked with other luminaries in the industry, including Jim Rouse.

  2. Mary, wow! That’s a part of the story that I didn’t get from Damian or from my own discussions with Mal Sherman. Perhaps it was his way to downplay the personal sacrifice he made. Thanks for illuminating us on what a truly courageous stand he took.