Don’t Miss Short Sale Power Hour

By Stacey Moncrieff, Editor in Chief, REALTOR® Magazine

During our Dec. 10 webinar with Bank of America Senior Vice President Dave Sunlin, there were many questions asked about new short-sale tracking software that BOA has rolled out. Essentially,  BOA has taken the REOTrans platform used for REO sales and adapted it for short sales.

Kevin Kauffmann and Fred Weaver of Phoenix actually have some experience with the system (though no closed sales yet), and they’re cautiously optimistic. So if you want the perspective of practitioners with deep knowledge of short sales, I highly recommend you watch their Dec. 17 video, REOTrans … Let’s Go Deeper!

To play back or download any of our 2009 webinars (free of charge), including the Dec. 10 session, visit our REALTOR® Magazine webinar page.

Stacey Moncrieff

Stacey is vice president of business-to-business communications for the National Association of REALTORS®, overseeing the association's key communications with NAR members and REALTOR® association executives.

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  1. Hi Stacey,

    Glad you liked the video blog and hope you found it to be informative. I am curious to know what Dave’s (Sunlin) take is on REOTrans/Equator and how its helping them through short sales.

    Also so you now, is updated daily with short sale relevant content with the agent in mind. Our purpose to help more agents close more short sales.

    Thank you for helping to spread the word!

    Kevin L. Kauffman
    Group 46:10 – Arizona’s Premier Short Sale Team

  2. I’m impressed with the fact that everyone is being so proactive around Equator.

    With BofA’s history when they were CWide, it was a bear and a nightmare to work with them. Now, with Equator, the lines of communication are at least opened up and it SEEMS to be moving in the right direction.

    Thanks for promoting external dialogue and recognizing that the people in the trenches are the ones that know best. And for pressing others to get involved and get more better information.

    Also, BofA & Senior Vice President Dave Sunlin… Keep being pro-active and fearless to PIONEER new territory, this market shift breeds the need for more of it! Great work! and thank you!

  3. Kevin, a big thanks to you and Fred for sharing your knowledge. The video was VERY informative, and I’ll be back to see what becomes of those pending deals!

    Coach Collard: Thanks for the note! I’ll pass the encouragement along to Dave and the team we worked with at Bank of America.

  4. Hi Stacey,

    Thanks for I am glad to see we are touching the surface on REOTrans (now Equator). The more we educate other Realtors of how to play within Bank of America’s systems, we hope to close more transactions in a shorter timely manner here in Phoenix! We aplead your attempts Stacey to education Realtors around the country about the new systems and tools for short sales banks are using. It is just a way we have to do business in Phoenix, AZ. Thanks again Stacey.

    Jill Rother
    The Phoenix Team, Keller Williams Realty East Valley
    Short Sale Specialist