What’s the Next Transformative Technology for Real Estate Pros?

By Brian Summerfield, Online Editor, REALTOR® Magazine

Google's Android: Interesting, but will it change the way you do business?

Google’s Android: Interesting, but will it change the way you do business?

In a couple of weeks, we’re going to have a new reader poll on our home page that asks: What new technology will have the most transformative impact on the real estate industry in 2010?

Before we run that, we’d like to know which hardware or software products — either currently on the market or about to be — you think might change the way you do business. It can be something specific (like Apple’s iPad or Google’s Android) or broad (such as enhanced online maps). Let us know in the Comments section, or contact me at bsummerfield@realtors.org.

Brian Summerfield

Brian Summerfield is Manager of Business Development and Outreach for NAR Commercial and Global Services. He can be reached at bsummerfield@realtors.org.

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  1. The use of SMS/Text message marketing will definitely help drive information into the hands (and hand held devices) of prospective buyers. Systems like Pocket-Promo.com allow for the integration of a tiny URL into the text message, so the text message can provide a link to the full MLS listing. This will help agents provide ‘digital flyers’ for the properties instead of printing reams of flyers, and allow them to build their prospect database 24/7.

  2. Smart phones will continue to improve the mobile office. Real estate apps still need some improvements. They need to be more functional rather then just maps and basic property info. Social networks, productivity, and other apps enable seamless communication. Updates to 3G networks could help speed up communication.

    iPhone Apps I couldn’t live without in my mobile office:

    Documents To Go
    Chase Bank
    Huffington Post
    The Weather Channel

    A smart phone is an absolute must have

    Improvements to the iPad could make it a very useful tool for agents, but wait for the 3G and maybe even a 2nd generation, with camera and whatever other problems they correct. The Google tablet might be a better product for media consumption if it incorporates Flash.

    Cloud computing, with Salesforce or Google Docs, allows you to keep files available from any computer. Look for more programs to use the “cloud” model

    Social networking will be bigger then ever. Develop a real strategy. Contact me if you need some advice where to start.

    Jonathan Usher
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  3. The new Apple iPad will quickly put millions of people online while they are on the go and this will be HUGE for those of us in the real estate industry.

    Utilizing QR code technology is another area where the real estate market has plenty of room for growth. We can use QR codes to promote specific URL’s, SMS messages and more.

  4. New Study Shows the Mobile Web Will Rule by 2015 [STATS]


    Is your website ready for mobile users?

    Jonathan Usher
    Exquisite Certified
    Home & Business Services

  5. QR code technology is definitely going to be big. Also mobile websites since that’s where the gen X + Y buyers are searching

  6. Darryl Love

    Technology that benefits Realtors is cool to imagine but I’m not much at predicting what’s coming down the pike: I’ve enough just to keep pace with what is in front of me. However, it seems that the call-capture and instant call-back technology, such as Realtors can subscribe to in order to immediately get in front of potential clients, is going to continue to grow. So few agents use this technology now.

    The big impact from transformative technology will be determined, if not dictated, by customers. They get the neat gadgets and tools, first, and force us to react. So, I think we will continue to “react” as the market, and perhaps legal challenges, dictate. And that’s okay–one just has to be among the first to react to lead the transformation.

    Darryl Love
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  7. The roll out of 4G wireless networking by the cellular companies, will make high speed data access available virtually anywhere. It will increase the adoption of mobile computing by nearly everyone, including realtors

  8. This is more a wish than an actual tool already available. I would like to see continued movement toward paperless technology. It’s a pain (and waste of paper) sometimes since long distance transactions still require printing, signing, scanning, emailing. I’d like to see a secured signature application that could be used in conjunction with our board’s online forms and any touch screen with a stylus. (electronic signatures are not recognized here in MO)
    I disagree that txt for info technology is transformative at this point since it is rarely utilized when available. That’s only my opinion from experience in the city of St Louis.

  9. I am in full agreement about the paperless route. I just started using DocuSign – but if ZipForms could build this in, it would be most advantageous.

  10. Technology is awesome. I use a tablet PC for all my contracts and the customers really love the digital aspect of executing contracts. In addition I email contracts around with no degradation in quality and have confirmation that it was received almost immediately.

    Now the hard part in FL is that a large percentage of the Realtor population has not kept up with the times and are still operating in the 80’s & 90’s. Those agents need to step it up for the benefit of their careers and their customers.

    The best technology in the world is useless in the hands of someone that doesn’t know how to use it.

  11. I believe Tablet PCs will become a big item in 2010 due to the awareness to the niche brought by the iPad. There will be a flood of new tablet devices running other operating systems and allowing multitasking, flash, etc., one could be a great asset to a tech savvy Realtor.

    Personally, I’ve been using Tablet PCs for a couple of years now and I would be lost without one. I run almost paperless and can do tasks quicker and more efficiently with my convertible Tablet.

  12. Angel:

    I think that with the introduction of the iPad and the other tablets that are hitting the market, you will see more digital contracts. I’ve been on several sites already that have ‘mouse signatures’, where you sign your name with your mouse. With the touch screen capabilities of the iPad/tablets, I can certainly see the digital contract becoming more commonplace. That will also facilitate the ability to easy transfer signed documents instead of using the fax machine.

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