Coming Soon to an Association Near You …

By Hilary Marsh, Managing Director,

RMag_At_MidYear1Last August, NAR invited state and local REALTOR® associations to submit ideas, and a team of judges chose 14 concepts to receive funding and a professional coach to bring the ideas to fruition. This afternoon at NAR’s Midyear Legislative Meetings & Expo, the winners of the Game Changer challenge presented their ideas.

The 14 winning ideas present a future that will improve the experience of being a member of a REALTOR® association, help REALTORS® be more successful, and pave the way for a higher level of professionalism in the industry.

Some highlights:

  • Front Porch, from the Missoula, Mont., association, is an online community that enables  REALTORS® to be the “glue” connecting residents and prospective residents to neighborhoods by sharing stories and resources of their real-life communities.
  • Heroes Welcome Home, from the Chicago association, is a two-day professional development program educating REALTORS® about how to serve returning service men and women.
  • REALTOR® Finder, from the Houston association, gives consumers the ability to find REALTORS® with the most recent experience in the neighborhood and property type they are interested in buying or selling. The application also includes REALTOR® ratings and a map-based view.
  • Member Dashboard, from the West Volusia, Fla., association, is a customizable home page where members can choose the topics, news feeds, information, and tools they want to showcase — and also provides a running “ticker” of the value of the tools the member has used.

There are 10 more winning Game Changer ideas, as well as 22 runners up. What’s your favorite — which idea would you most want to see your local, state, or national organization launch?

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