Midyear Slideshow: Diversity Committee Tackles Business

By Erica Christoffer, Multimedia Web Producer, REALTOR® Magazine

RMag_At_MidYear1NAR’s Equal Opportunity & Cultural Diversity Committee used breakout sessions to make headway on issues of training, political outreach, relationships, and inclusion of people with disabilities, GLBT and young professionals.

In a round table format highlighted the meeting at the REALTORS® Midyear Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo on Wednesday. The committee also awarded 15 Diversity Initiative Grants totaling more than $39,000. The funds go to associations from throughout the country for multicultural leadership development, member business development in multicultural markets, working with diverse customers, multicultural participation in public policy, and diversity research.

Erica Christoffer

Erica Christoffer is a multimedia journalist and contributing writer and editor for REALTOR® Magazine. She can be reached at echristoffer@realtors.org.

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  1. Absolutely marvelous thanks to members, Leadership, Meghan (Rock the Vote)!! Even if they didn’t take a pic of me…;)