What Can Joe Ferrara Teach You About Social Media?

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  1. Joe is truly one of the good guys in this industry. One of the things that always struck me about Joe is the size of his heart. REALTORS everywhere would do well to follow the wonderful example that Joe has set.

  2. Joe Ferrara is one of the brightest minds in real estate. He’s also one of the nicest guys on the planet.

    Great post Todd, and great point. It *IS* all about relationships.

  3. You are so right Todd, Both Joe and Rudy sorta “got the wheels spinning” in both a literal and figurative sense. Thanks to them we came together as the re.net, prior to that we were all like single goldfish swimming in our own bowls.

  4. The very first panel I spoke on about blogging was with Joe in New York. Then last year, Joe rode the train to Southeastern CT to speak on a panel that I facilitated. He shared his knowledge gratis. His reward was the relationships he built while there.

    Thank you Joe for teaching me about the real meaning of re.net.

  5. Having been in this space for about 5 years, I have had the pleasure of meeting so many good people. Though, to this point, I have not met Joe F2F, I have had many conversations with him through social media and Blogging. I believe that this RENet family is special because of people like Joe in it.

    I am looking forward to the day I can meet Joe in person, and shake his hand. Thanks to you Todd, and the many Bloggers who have joined together to bring awareness to his cause.

    Stay Blogging My Friends!


  6. Oddly enough I was speaking last night at a WCR meeting and made the statement – “We don’t sell product, we sell services, and we do that through the relationships we create”.
    Joe is (like you my friend) a giving and connecting type of person – who (like so many others) is facing a grave challenge in his life. Its time for those relationships to provide some of the support we all need when life challenges us. Thanks so much for spotlighting Joe’s history and current situation here. Great post about a great guy Todd.

  7. As I reflect on this article written in 2010, all I hear about is lead generation and prospecting based on probabilities. Relationships should pay more dividends in the long term. I was sitting in a continuing education course in Plano TX for my Realtor license and people were just talking about Facebook as their database. I guess that’s one way of keeping in touch with people 🙂