Another Pro Bono Success Story

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  1. Lupe

    Debra, if you could share with other fellow realtors on what you did to help your clients maybe we all could help one person at a time stay in their home. We can only do so much, but just one person at a time.
    Think of all the people we could help stay in their home if we contribute.

  2. I know the feeling Debra is speaking of, the smile you have on your face, thankful for being able to help someone, and knowing your not getting a commission for it. Even the littlest things we might be able to do to help our customers and clients can be a path that leads to the ultimate goal. As Katherine stated ,The Spirt of Helping Others Achieve and Maintain Their Dream of Homeownership.

  3. Borgie Silano

    It’s good to hear these stories of Happy Endings! Things are tough but some people have it even tougher! Knowing you may lose your home, has to be devastating !
    After all it’s all about helping our clients get to where they need to be,even if we don’t get a commission , the other rewards you reap money can not buy!!
    I would love to learn what steps you took to get their payment reduced so they could stay in their home. I Love this story!! Thanks for sharing!!