e-PRO® Evolves This November in New Orleans — What’s in It for You?

By Todd Carpenter, Social Media Manager, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®

I admit it. I get to work on some really cool stuff:


Available for the first time in a classroom setting, the new e-PRO® gives you a roadmap to build your business and serve the hyper-connection consumers of today and tomorrow. Learn about the changing market and how to connect with consumers, manage your online reputation, generate leads and gain referrals by signing up for Day 1 of the certification course, offered prior to the 2010 REALTORS® Conference and Expo in New Orleans on November 4, 2010. For more information on e-PRO® and to find a course in your area, visit REBAC.net

Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to sit down with REBAC representatives, a few bright members of the Young Professionals Network, and the Social Media Marketing Institute (SMMI) team to hash out an outline for a ground-up rewrite of the e-PRO® certification program. The course covers cloud computing, Web applications, mobile, online brand management, and, of course, social media.

REBAC partnered with SMMI to turn our outline into a full-fledged course. SMMI’s focus is on “the professional, ethical and responsible use of Web technologies as a part of a comprehensive marketing strategy”. SMMI’s team is made up of national trainers, professional standards experts, and people who just plain get it when it comes to the new paradigm online forces create in real estate. The result of all their efforts will be rolled out before the 2010 REALTORS® Conference & Expo kicks off.

So what does that mean to you?

If you want to learn how to use the latest technology to streamline your business, operate more effectively on the road, contribute to social networks with a strategy that does more than earn you badges and followers, understand how the REALTOR® Code of Ethics affects your online marketing endeavors, and do business on the Web, then it’s time to take a fresh look at the evolution of NAR’s e-PRO® certification. See you in New Orleans.

Todd Carpenter

Todd Carpenter, Managing Director of the Data Analytics Group at NAR I'm a twenty year veteran of the real estate and mortgage industry, focusing on technology that fosters relationships between professionals and consumers. I am a subject matter expert in data analytics, online consumer trends, enterprise social media strategy, listing data, agent ratings, and public facing MLS portals.

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  1. As an e-Pro and a Vice Chair of our association’s grievance committee I find this interesting and exciting. Will current e-Pro’s have access to the updated course materials?

  2. As a e-PRO designated Realtor and for all the other e-PROs, will the course be open for us to sit through at “no charge?”

  3. In another interview you say the e-PRO class will be updated every six months? Will all e-PROs be advised about the updates at 6-month intervals? How will that update be accomplished and communicated to existing e-PROs?

    What role does Realtor.com have in the new e-PRO class? In an interview with Tech-Savvy Agent you referred several times to a concurrent joint appearance with Max Pigman of Realtor.com.

    Is there going to be MORE emphasis on Realtor.com in the new course? If so, it sounds a lot like advertising.

  4. Hi Steve,

    E-Pro is a certification, not a designation. So there have never been any annual fees to support ongoing updates to course curriculum.

    The new version of the certification is broken into 2 parts/days. The first day is live (offline) and that portion will cost the same regardless of your prior certification.

    However, we are working out the details for a discount for prior E-Pro Certified members for day two, which is conducted online..

  5. Lee

    The e-PRO certification (via Internet Crusade) has counted for some continuing education (CE) (and elective) credits in many states. Will any of these nifty credits be available with the new curricula when it’s launched, or how soon after that? May there be any consistency in # of CE hours possible, since it ranged state to state from just a few to 20+ hours? Just hoping!

  6. Frances, the session I am moderating at our Annual Conference & Expo on mobile technology (featuring Max Pigman among others) is not related to the e-Pro course. A small portion of the course briefly covers sites like REALTOR.com, Zillow, and Trulia, as these portals are an important part of how consumers find information about the real estate world. We will be communicating to existing e-PRO’s on a timely basis.

    Lee, for day one, it will depend on if the local trainer has secured CE credits. CE is not yet available for the online portion, but we are working on obtaining  approvals in numerous states. 

  7. CE is available for the online course. It was not when I originally took the certification course in 2002 but it is now. It sounds like mixed messages here. Since technology changes are constant, it would make sense to have “updated short courses” for those who have completed the full certification course and want to stay current. If the quality of the short courses were the same as the original, I would be willing to pay a nominal fee. I recently “retook” the course and it included the Web2 module. As you can imagine, the material is different and covers many technology items that weren’t even thought of in 2002.

  8. Todd,
    There used to be a separate e-PRO for AEs. Has that changed? I’m not sure why it was separate as I would like to take the same one our members take.

    Maybe there could be an add-on module for association management.

  9. Pam, that’s a great idea. I’ll talk to REBAC

  10. Considering all the negative things I had heard about e-Pro in the past from those who I considered on the same technological level as myself, I stayed away with from this course. Now with a re-working and input from some of those same people, I may just have to move forward and get e-Pro certified.