The Future of Blogging: Vlogging

By Katherine Tarbox, Senior Editor, REALTOR® Magazine

While it may seem amateur video is already gaining a lot of momentum online, experts at BlogWorld & Expo 2010 believe this trend will take off even more in 2011. Growing access to video via tablet computers or mobile devices is driving the demand up. A few years ago, most iPhone users couldn’t watch a video on that device, but now they can and do, and they want more. Additionally, Sony believes that more users will be watching Internet video, and the proof is a new HDTV powered by Google TV, which allows users to connect to the Internet through their home wireless networks.

The commentators at BlogWorld believe this development will produce a rise in “vlogging,” or video-driven blogging. (Read this post for more info on this phenomenon.)

Video can be especially beneficial for real estate blogs because images sell properties. Many bloggers already incorporate video into their blogs, but we’ll see much more of it in a matter of months. And soon, consumers may expect practitioners to be able to record and produce a polished video tour. Consider this a gentle reminder to get started in vlogging.

  1. I am excited about the future of video blogging however I will say that as an iPhone 4 user the videos run really slow and I prefer to watch them on my computer. It’s smart to write a good description along with the video in the case that video is not a suitable option.

  2. Community living video series that new real estate buyers toying with your unknown to them zip code are huge. Show them the area on their droid, during their added two hour delay at a distant airport when they have time to do “home work”. But if you don’t shoot, edit, upload those real full motion videos, all they get is white noise, static from your unplugged broadcast, dead air stance.