Have a Business Purpose Behind Every Blog Post You Write

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  1. Blogging with a purpose is absolutely the correct way to do it. Unfortunately, people are sometimes trying to go overboard on their keywords to try and attract the highly coveted top spot with search engines in one post.
    I like how you point out the fact that you would write a series of posts about a topic in order to rank for the terms.
    Quality and consistency is what made Lenderama such a rockin’ resource for many people. I remember searching for real estate and mortgage blogs several years ago. Tcar was all over the place. 🙂

  2. Gold Todd!

  3. A great point you make, writing with a purpose will most definitely garner better results, like what you did with zillow. I enjoyed your post. I also write posts for mortgage loan modification help for struggling homeowners at my site.

  4. Thanks for the good summary. I have seen too many new bloggers that don’t seem to have a goal or purpose in mind.

  5. Great post, Todd! I think there has to be a balance between writing for overall performance and writing for specific, targeted results. I don’t think I’ve mastered either one, but I do still enjoy blogging after all these years, so I guess I must be doing something right 🙂

  6. I always start out with the thought “what will be compelling”. I am constantly working with real estate agents on making sure their comments, whether in a blog post or an open house, has a compelling message. The compelling content has to be targeted specifically for your audience. For instance, if I am blogging about the great opportunities available in the entry level home market, I need to focus on the buyer profile. The blog post for first time buyers is much different than a post for investors, as I will need to give compelling content on the steps involved in the buying process. At all times I have to keep in mind my target audience.

  7. I couldnt agree more, I also believe in making a point in every business response, I have noticed that my craigslist ads are getting me all sorts of phone calls, I found a great site to use to post on craigslist, its called thepropertyposter.com I linked it from my name, its free and kicks butt.

  8. This will be very helpful when I start blogging. I am very behind, but I am starting with reading what the experts in my field have to say. Thank you

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