So Much Information, So Little Time

Your association makes an effort to give you better information more concisely.

By Robert Freedman, Senior Editor, REALTOR® Magazine

How much information do you get a day in your e-mail Inbox? I’m guessing you get a lot, at least some of which you don’t read because there isn’t enough time to read it all and still make a living selling real estate. In its own way, NAR is in the information business. It provides information to lawmakers and regulators to help keep them informed about what will help, and hurt, real estate professionals. And it provides information to you, its members, to keep you informed about what’s happening in Washington but also about what’s happening with educational, networking, market, and product opportunities that can help you. Your association’s currency is information.

For that reason you receive a steady stream of information from your association. Some of it, like your monthly REALTOR® magazine, comes with your membership. Other information comes to you only if you request it. You might request receiving the Washington Report e-mail newsletter, for example, because you’re interested in knowing firsthand what issues are perculating in the federal government that can affect you and what NAR is doing in response.

If you opt to receive two or three regular communications on top of your magazine, that can add up to a lot of information.

To help you manage that information more effectively, NAR starting this week is consolidating several regular communications into a single e-mail newsletter. That new newsletter is called the NAR Weekly Report and it’s organized into three sections: The first section is news that every member gets, and it includes legislative alerts, Calls for Action, and other updates that NAR believes you should know as a member of the association.

The second section provides information from a list of topics that you choose. This is where you get the information that you used to get in, say, the Washington Report. You can get as much or as little as you want by selecting a few topics or many topics, much like you pick and choose topics to receive through an RSS feed.

The third section alerts you to products, services, programs, and so on that are available to you as a benefit of your NAR membership and that aim to either save or make you money or otherwise help you in your business.

We are in the middle of the Information Age. Information is everywhere, and it’s hard to process it all and still help your customers find and buy houses and other properties. I’m sure you’d rather be selling real estate than sitting at your desk trying to decide which e-mail newsletter to open and which to save for later. It’s the aim of the new Weekly Report to give you pretty much what you want in a single vehicle. Some communications will remain separate. You’ll still get Calls for Action separately, for example. But much of what you now get separately you’ll be able to pick and choose as part of your new customizable newsletter.

The three-minute video above walks you through how the newsletter works. Hopefully the Weekly Report will make your job easier by making your most valuable information easier to manage.

Robert Freedman

Robert Freedman is director of multimedia communications for the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. He can be reached at

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  1. I am really glad to see NAR reducing the amount of emails they are sending out. So many businesses/organizations send out too many emails that you end up just ignoring them. Getting one quality email update is much better then getting 10 watered down emails.