8 Tips for Powering Up Your Web Presence

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  1. Great advice. Seems that getting a good topic is critical

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more about #2… Blogging has given my site a much needed boost of new content and seems to be helping with rankings. Also, syndicating your feed to Facebook and Twitter is a great idea and helps with spreading your message.

  3. Great post. These are all very helpful tips. The number one goal for our site this year is to blog more.

  4. Point #2, 7 and 8 are an essential for anyone who wants to be seen and heard in the online community now. Very helpful tips.

  5. Very good advice. Blogging is a very good way to go and yes finding the timely topics that people want to hear about is critical to increasing web presence.

  6. Babs

    Hi, Just read over this site in general….afraid I’ve been rather complacent about that recently. I have been a tech “onlooker” user for a long time . Reading others useful and suggested Smart Phone and App ideas is fascinating. I am the owner of a little technology…an IPhone, Netbook,Laptop,Kindle,a SCANSNAP scanner and an IPAD WISH I HAD–er! The use of DropBox has been mentioned. However, my FAVORITE app in the WORLD is EVERNOTE! It can do EVERYTHING your BRAIN can remember and integrate with all of the apps/devices mentioned in this blog! It’s cloud based, on all devices and syncs seamlessly over them all. I’ll expect THANK YOU’S when you really take the time to organize your LIFE into it! Example..Real Estate. Do you have every commission ck,contract,contact,article,biz card in ONE place that you can get to immediately by using a tag search, or just scrolling through…if you can remember where you were when you wrote a note or remember something about an event, EVERNOTE can retrieve it quickly. It recognizes handwriting, allows email from a note, accepts pdf’s, offers shared notebooks that can be edited or read only. You can keep ALL of your children’s scribbles, sayings and 2yr old photos until they’re 90! Really, this is enough already, . but I have been using it since 2009. you get 500mg FREE each month as a free user. Premium is 1GB/mo. for 4.99. The difference is that you have pdf editing.and more space than you can EVER use. I combine it’s functionality with the GTD system(getting things done)by David Allen. For an OCD person, these things, along with a digital camera, YNAB(YOU NEED A BUDGET .COm) and keep my life organized . I am making my office as paperless as possible because it’s all in Evernote. No little bits of paper…I just scan them in. Great at Tax Time….Wish I HAD to worry about how much I made in Real Estate this year…..but since there is so much to learn I guess I’ll consider reading more here. Maybe I’ll get nerve enough to blog. Surely enjoyed all of the posts…congrats to the CRT finalists and winners… .

  7. Get your books on Joomla, read, reread and get that real estate site set up your way, not a cookie cutter with so much lacking and the sameness. Crank up the outside wordpress blog and real full motion video. That form of media is so quick, easy at talking, showing the buyer your zip code, then some sticks and bricks. Your brand behind it all, oozing out of the components real estate buyers want more of to save time, money.

  8. Great tips. Thank you! I have been attempting to build my site aimed at the international real estate listings niche and it has been a slow start so far.

  9. Creig Collins

    Thanks Erica for this post.

    Well I agree with you that daily blogging is really helpful , I too maintain a blog where I post whatever details I get on web development, I have got a good result out from there.

  10. Great tips, we’ve started blogging this year as well. We’re always coming across ideas to use in our blogs, but finding the time is the challenge. It’s a balancing act between managing existing clients and marketing for new business. Lots of fun though.

  11. I’m starting to get the hang of it…blogging. Recently paid someone to build a WordPress site and I am beginning to see how much I do need to blog to drive traffic to my site. Great tips!