It’s Not ‘Blogging,’ It’s Online Marketing

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  1. Everyone listed above is thought leader and pioneer in what they are doing and have been doing.

    They helped to lay the ground work and direction for industries that didn’t exist until they did what they did.

    And yes it isn’t Blogging … it’s Marketing!

  2. Blogging is definitely changing the way businesses market online. Blogging is a HUGE part of our online marketing services for local businesses. In fact, we don’t even offer SEO services without a blog – that is how important blogging is to SEO. It makes it so much easier to achieve first page rankings and linking blog posts to social media accounts only generates more buzz in Google. Blogging is definitely the future of online marketing and the main core of our SEO services for businesses.

  3. Its not blogging
    Its online marketing
    Or can we just say it is marketing is marketing is marketing.

  4. I take my blog seriously, and when I saw Brian and Brian on the program then I knew that I needed to get to Chicago (from D.C.). Having used Gardner’s theme for the past 2+ years and consider Clark’s blog as a writing classroom, it was kind of cool to meet two people who have been on the cutting edge of online “content marketing” for years.

  5. Peter Clarke

    Blogging and/or writing articles regarding your local market not only drives traffic to your website but establishes you as an area expert. Consumers/clients want to know that you are a professional that they can count on to get the job done. They are searching for you online. You better be there!

  6. Doing some research for a presentation to the other Realtors at my office. This is definitely a good talking point to start off the blog portion. Good work and good points!

  7. Mara Prawda

    Can agents/brokers blog about listings that aren’t theirs? Can my association, board or MLS tell me not to blog about listings that are not mine? Is there a rule set by NAR or CAR on any of this?

  8. Offsite Optimization is the most important difference maker in the ultimate effectiveness of any SEO or online marketing strategy. Offsite Optimization is ultimately about Backlinks.

  9. I am finding that blogging is most effective if I include content that is actually relevant to my client’s needs. I am more interested in writing about it and they are more inclined to read it. It is a win-win.

  10. Give out good information about local neighborhoods and it becomes useful to prospective home buyers.