Google+: Should You Join?

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  1. I have joined Google+ and I think it really has a chance to make it. It makes sharing content with your circles really easy. I don’t think it will destroy Facebook, but it should definitely be added to the arsenal.

  2. I have jumped into Google+ and I have to say I love the way to add people by dropping them into circles. It really give you the ability to comfortable add like minded people. BTW the Huddle feature is pretty awesome too…. think about a huddle of all your Seahawks friends…..nice feature!

  3. I totally agree. I just wonder what the business side of Google+ will look like. Will it be more of a person-to-person networking tool or something more akin to a Facebook Company Page or something completely different?

  4. Google+ has great features such as adding people into circles and the huddle, pretty awesome. i believe it has ALOT of potential…..

  5. I am on Google+. It has potential, if they add some features. I am trying really hard to like it, because of the hype – but currently as it sits it is useless for my business.
    Right now it is not very user friendly, and I don’t have a network on there yet – not a lot of people are on there yet… With that being said, I have not been able to really use the circles feature to it’s capabilities..

    Full disclosure: I am not a fan of Facebook either. I am on there because that is where my network communicates.. Haven’t been able to attribute any business directly to Facebook, but it allows me to keep in touch.

    What’s the next step in the tech world? Are we going to be able list/sell houses without even meeting in person? (technology is there with a little bit more refinement… where are the consumers on this one??)

  6. One of many platforms to do more than join, pony up and be a member on but to weed, feed. Steer the ones that work the best to funnel attention back to the primary work horse sites you have in the stable.