Calling All Practitioners Under 30



Just above Everest Base Camp


By Katherine Tarbox, Senior Editor, REALTOR® Magazine

On Friday, we started accepting applications for our annual “30 Under 30” feature, in which we take time to find the best and brightest in the business under the age of 30. I apologize for just getting the word out about it until now. For the past two weeks, I was on Mount Everest climbing beyond base camp, a lifelong dream realized and a 30th birthday gift to myself.

I was inspired to travel there in the first place because of an interview I conducted with Sugar Ray Leonard for REALTOR® Magazine, during which he said to me, “Whatever you’re dreaming, dream bigger.” That was the moment that I started to write down my dreams.

And when I was on the mountain, waiting out a huge blizzard, I remembered my interview with Mary Lou Retton when she said with passion, “Never, ever, ever, give up.” (And that’s an abridged version: She actually had about 20 or 30 evers in there.) After that, I kept thinking of the line from my favorite Coldplay song “Fix You,” which says, “If you never try, you’ll never know just what you’re worth.”

Over the course of the year, I receive several phone calls from young practitioners telling me that — not unlike my own quest to hike part of the world’s tallest mountain — their dream is to be named one of REALTOR® Magazine’s 30 Under 30. Well, now is the time to actualize that dream: Registration is open!

You can learn about how to fill out an application here. I encourage everyone under the age of 30 who has demonstrated significant success, ingenuity, creativity, and leadership in their real estate careers to apply. If you do, please take the time to tell the editors what makes you stand out from others in the industry. Too often we read generic applications, which honestly get lost in the shuffle. (Sadly, climbing Everest won’t ensure you get chosen as a 30 Under 30 honoree, but I might read your application a little more carefully if you did.)

So please apply today, and remember: “If you never try, you’ll never know just what you’re worth.”

  1. It looks like you’re having a great time on Everest.It must be such a nice feeling to be able to live out one of your dreams. Congrats and safe travels getting down the mountain.

  2. This sounds like a good opportunity for agents to see what they have accomplished and maybe even set some new goals. I plan in visiting this registration to see if it not already to late. So far I have not found a use for finishing up an MBA degree so maybe I can use that as leverage to have that extra $36,000 worth of education count for something?

  3. brandi newland

    What about a 40 under 40?

  4. Mike Woodland

    Congratulation on reaching your goal to climb beyond base camp on Everest. I am currently working on summiting all 58 Colorado 14ers (14,000 foot peaks). I have 49 under my belt and 9 remain. I also hope to climb Denali sometime next year. I read your 30 under 30 issue every year and appreciate it, but truthfully, I have found as much if not more valuable information from Realtors that have maintained success for a long time. My dad, for instance, is coming up on his 40th year in the business and is still a high producer. I would like to see an issue devoted to some of our veterans.

  5. The broker I choose after I passed the RE examn was the only one who promised…promised … promised “setting up my own website”-“giving me so many leads that I would never have to go to do floortime”- giving to me at least 5-6 leads each week “.mentioning on my website the languageds I spoke 9besides the routine Spanish and English”.etc.

    It worked for a while.

    Guess what happened: for the last few weeks ….no lead, no referral .

    Not giving up I have decided to make it my goal to outperform every other agent by using the tools available to me, to an extent that no other agent has done:Among otrhers, I like “expired” listings. It works brilliantly and I will go lecturing new agents to be how to approach the difficult task of finding listings instead of “putting your trust.and hope into the establishment. ”
    Spiritually I like to refer as it is written in Psalm 146 “…Do not trust in princes- ijn mortal men in whom there is no salvation- his spirits depart , he returns to the earth in that very day his thoughts perish- How blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob, – whose hope is in the Lord his God”. …

  6. Come down and breath some air. The thin air on Everest must have gotten to you, not enough red blood cell creation at base camp.

    I kind of take offense to this article since you have to be at least 35 to be the president, I am 61 and I am not going anywhere near Mt. Everest. I think a better challenge would be to help starving children.

    Have to talk to my lawyer but this may be cause for a discrimination suit.

  7. Mike

    I think this borders on age discrimination.

  8. Mike

    There is nothing that someone over 30 cannot do better and faster than someone under 30.

  9. Mary Ellen Harrigan

    Any private employer with 15 or more employees, who would put this in print would be liable for a federal discrimination lawsuit. Is this really motivational? There are a lot of fantastic agents out there who are over 30. I’m surprised Realtor magazine participated in this.

  10. I am licensed for THIRTY TWO YEARS.. in Florida, orginal lic 1979 ( as a Broker since 1986). I have NEVER had a complaint filed with FREC.
    Why do you do ‘annual ‘ Thirty Under Thirty.???
    How about SIXTY OVE SIXTY…???????.
    I currently am sharing a listing in South Florida where I no longer live – with an agent whom I know for 12 years – she just celebrated her NINETY SECOND BIRTHDAY on Oct 2n… THESE ARE THE PEOPLE YOU SHOULD BE WRITING ABOUT – those who remember the big books, pre-computer and who still know how to sell…

  11. Charles

    This is age Discrimination. This borders on a law suit!

  12. Brian Summerfield

    Hi everyone:

    Thanks for your comments. This is not age discrimination of any legal variety, which typically applies to being hired for a job. A couple of points about this program and our coverage:

    – We frequently publish long profiles about, and highlight via other media, practitioners who are over 30 years old. Also, we did a yearlong series spotlighting older, successful practitioners in 2009. Read an example of that at
    – Highlighting the success of younger practitioners is a positive thing. They often bring a different perspective and new energy to the business, and provide an example for young people who want to enter the industry.

    We believe it’s important to cover the achievements of all kinds of REALTORS®, and present those stories as a source of ideas and inspiration for our readers. And the 30 Under 30 program is a great way for us to do that, as is our other coverage of real estate pros of all ages.

    Brian Summerfield
    Online Editor
    REALTOR® Magazine

  13. I think you are in deed out- casting age discrimination you don’t have to be 30 or under to have successful goals and accomplice vacations, set true example admirable citizen helping cancer patients, supporting seniors, anyone can climb a mountain if they set their minds to it but no one is just willing to give and not receive nothing in return.