Clinton Talks Housing On Letterman

By Katherine Tarbox, Senior Editor, REALTOR® Magazine

Hope you caught former president Bill Clinton on Letterman the other night.  If not, watch this clip to see Clinton’s take on what he believes the government should do for housing to get the economy moving.

  1. Joe Traul

    Yes I did watch it.I am a Realtor and a Democrate.If the Republicans would help Obama instead of being politicians and not giveing a Damm for the American people we could get this economy going in the right directioJoe Traul

  2. Found it necessary to watch a netfix commercial not Clinton’s talk on housing to on Letterman show

  3. Paula

    I watched Bill Clinton on Letterman. Bill is a very smart man who offered some really good suggestions. His support of housing is very good. His Clinton Initiative does wonderful work throughout the world. Life was good under Clinton as President. The Republicians got us into the mess that we are in but won’t work with the Democrats and the President to get us out of the mess.

  4. CLARA


  5. The Association of Realtors in my area lobbied for affordable housing and for the bail out. Both outcomes caused the problem we have now.

    Please understand that we are not a damned democracy as discussed by both these uneducated idiots. Democracy is the most evil form of government ever to exist. Who has the most power rules, a despotic form of government

    Please read the Constitution Article 1, Sec 8 and understand that the federal government does not have authority to legislate any of these activities. Please do not show your further ignorance and say the General Welfare claus gives that authority. The General Welfare Claus on refers to the listed 17 duties given in Art. 1 Sec 8 and has nothing to do with being involved internally with the rights of the states.

    Chris Dodd, Barney Frank and Jamie Garelic and the other elected criminals should be in prison

    Get the Fed government out of our lives. Business that are unprofitable should fail rather than bailing them out to continue to be poorly run and a drain on this country

  6. Gary

    PLEASE – stop the “blame Bush/blame Republicans” trash…wake up and realize that BHO has been in office for 3 years – neither he nor any of the people in his administration has a clue as to what makes the economy and private sector work. Can’t you understand that is why people like Clinton are making statements like that.

  7. Doug

    I hate to burst your bubbles Paula & Joe, but it wasn’t the Republicans who got us in this housing crisis. The Bush administration fought for stricter regulation on Fannie & Freddie but were shot down by Democratic committee members who were a majority on the committee at the time. The video below proves this in the committee members own words, Republican and Democrat. Also, the liberal media paints the Republicans not cooperating or blocking these current bills and as you say, “not giving a damn”. They are trying to prevent further legislation that got us into this mess. Until this last congressional election,the Democrats have had the majority since 2006.

  8. Gina Lujack

    I don’t watch Letterman anymore. He’s turned into a cranky old man and is no longer entertaining. He needs to shut up about politics and his one-sided political bents. His humor is not humor – it’s mean-spirited and annoying. I’d rather watch QVC.

  9. I love to hear smart people talk. Thus, I appreciated President Clinton’s visit on the Letterman Show. He doesn’t have an ‘ax to grind,’ he can’t be accused of campaigning and his ideas are certainly good ones. Now all we need to do is get Washington to work with the current administration to get the housing market moving again. Good luck to us!

  10. Sandy Bunch

    I get so tired of hearing these comments about the Republicans are to blame for the mess we are in. The housing crisis started with the Frank-Dodd pressure on the fed to make housing available to everyone whether they could afford to own a home or not. It is a matter of record President Bush and Vice-president Cheney both expressed their concerns to congress about the problems with this and were basically told by Frank and Dodd not to interfere. President Obama has had 2 years with a Democatic congress and 3 years with a Democratic Senate and has not been able to pass any of his bills (except,God help us all Obama care). All he knows is tax and spend and now we are reaping the results. Our country is BROKE and in deep trouble.Please do some research before you drink the kool-aid and make statements that are not based on facts.It is the congress that controls the spending and Bush had a democratic congress that started all this mess.