Fannie Mae Rolls Out Online-only REO Offers

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  1. I’d like to be an approved realtor to work with Fannie Mae Home Path.

  2. This should be a nice improvement in shortening the time to have a home buyer’s offer reviewed for a foreclosed property.

  3. Hopefully this will speed up the whole process a bit. I really hope they have adequate staff to handle these offers.

  4. This has helped make the process a lot easier for sure!

  5. I used the new online feature last week and it was FANTASTIC! It was very easy to do and only took me about 20 minutes to submit the entire offer. Now to see how long it takes to get a response back…..I will keep you posted!

  6. Vicky Rhodes

    I understand you have to deliver original signatures within 48 hours of mutual acceptance, but can you use electronic signatures on original offers?


  7. Hi Vickie. fannie mae at this time does not accept electronic buyer signatures.

  8. Mina Ruiz

    This is a great change, at least we have a chance now that our offer is going to actually be viewed and if is the highest offer we have a chance to get the property.
    Somebody is starting to use their brains.

  9. In response to the question above, all FNMA docs must use wet signatures only. They will not accept any forms of docisign or digital signature. A great product for you of interested in getting and sending signatures on the fly is called “touch-fill-go” and you can sign literally right on your iPhone or iPad screen! Perfect for things like this!

  10. This is a good program for home owners as well as for the Realtors who need listings and works. I have come across a transaction that has felt through due to the Fannie Mae didn’t approve the offer that was $20000 higher than the market value of a similar home at the subdivision. What can be the reason, there’ s not other buyer since it’ s still available in the market? If I interest of listing of these homes and sign up for it how soon do I get contacted by Fannie Mae Home Path, or my broker is the direct contact?

  11. Pattyann Grubbs

    This sounds good! we will have to see when offers start going in, how things go. cross your fingers! I am looking for referrals if you would like to send me anyone,
    Thank you!

  12. Jennifer Fortune


  13. The site is easy to use . There is also a step by step video if needed.
    So far no issues !

  14. I submitted an offer and received a response in two days! I can’t even get a call back from the agent in a week. I think this is a big improvement!

  15. Cara

    just submitted an offer online – hoping this doesn’t take long.

  16. Nora Green

    I liked the idea of being able to submit offers online on the Fannie Mae properties.
    I represented a buyer and we made an offer on one of their homes. Once the offer
    was completed online it had to be printed out along with the owner occupant
    certification and the local forms etc. In all it came to 25 pages of documents that
    needed to be signed and/or initialed, scanned and submitted. 5 or so days later
    I was notified that there were multiple offers and I had to present “highest and best”.
    I was informed that the entire offer with all addendums needed to be sent again.
    Another 25 pages of documents printed, signed, initialed, scanned and sent and
    after another week we were informed that we didn’t get the house. There were at least 2 offers so Homepath had a minimum of 100 pages of documents for one property. Seems this process could be streamlined a bit. Perhaps not having to have all 50 or so pages before the offer is accepted??

  17. Nora, what was the repsonse that you got when your offer wasn’t accepted? Did it just say “Your offer on the following listing in HomePath has been rejected:”

  18. Ricardo Dusten

    It’s taking over 3 weeks for fnma to sign off on an amendment. What a joke!!

  19. Ose Burnett

    Can a realtor submit an offer for themselves, or do I have to use another realtor to purchase a Fannie Mae home?

  20. then go through its proprietary selection process, which requires you to submit information about your practice. Every market is different, but generally the company works with a handful of