Budget Again Includes Unpopular Curb on MID, Other Deductions

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  1. Lloyd Binen

    When every interest group protects their own turf and the benefits they derive from the current system, nothing gets done. Status quo; the debt grows and may swallow us all. A healthy national economy is more important than losing a small portion of the MID. Let’s agree to make a sacrifice for the greater good of a sound national economy, but insist other special interest groups do, also. Maybe we can get out of this mess and sell more homes.

  2. Agreed. NAR actions reflect the confused identity problem the organization has.
    Its words, actions and advocacy often mirror the priorities of the top 1% of wage earners, while the public persona and the stated target of programs is the other 99% of the population.
    Add in the skew that comes from such a high percentage of membership coming from the high cost and high value California market, and policy just isn’t hitting the mark.
    Wealthy leadership, with heavy management background and income, is steering an entity that represents largely 100% commission sales people who have quite a different reality in their economic lives today. This is neither healthy or productive, and NAR should be working to create and move agendas, not obstruct them.

  3. Joan Gordon

    I am a lifelong Democrat and long term willing taxpayer, but I feel betrayed by President Obama’s continued attacks on the mortgage interest deduction and local property tax deductions. It seems to me to be attack on the middle class.

    If he persists in advocating these destructive proposals,
    I will not vote for his re-election.