6 Ways to Survive in Real Estate Over the Next Decade

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  1. Great points… I especially think #4 is important. Starbucks is the office space of the future!

  2. I totally agree with agents needing to be able to show their value proposition to prospective clients. In today’s market, you have to differentiate yourself from the competition.

  3. Hi Brian,

    You have certainly made some good points here! Since I am learning as I go, I have been attempting to improve my online social skills. I firmly believe having the appropriate online presence, given our most trackable trends, is something that makes great business sense.

    I also believe there is a lot to be said for “trying to be all things” I guess the real trick is in finding and maintaining the proper balance of all that you can be and all that you cannot be.

  4. Ann Clark-Rathbun

    I agree with the article.

  5. Realtors that have taken the initiative to retool and concentrate on their professional skill sets during the economic downturn will be well positioned to thrive in the years to come. Understanding the basics, niche marketing and the ability to re-position themselves in the changing times bodes well for them.

  6. We must grow with the times.These are are really great points

  7. Great information. We need to “roll with the tide” and
    follow gut instinct. Do what “feels” right!