Harvard: Home Sales Finally Poised to Improve

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  1. Confirmation of what a Realtor is currently experiencing is always welcome news.

  2. Absolutely true in El Paso with a spike in sales now!

  3. This is very interesting article. What a great news from Harvard!

  4. Thank you for the very informative post, I believe it will be a slow growth within the housing market but I have seen a little more increase recently. Reading the comment made by “home sales report”, I must agree that renting is definitely a lot cheaper than buying at this point in time. This was a great post, thanks again!

  5. Kylie

    This is precisely why the housing market will not change. The people who are conducting the studies are not in touch with the reality that the majority of americans must deal with on a daily basis. Allow me to paint a very simple picture for our Harvard geniuses. The job market is so bleak, that even with a college education it is beyond difficult for a person to find employment because there are so many people in the same situation that they must compete with. When you are a family who is lucky to even have one income, it can not support a standard family size in a society that was recently based on a two income household. When you can not afford to pay your bills, buy groceries, or put gas in your car your credit score suffers. These people do not have the option to purchase a home even though the mortgage would be less than they pay in rent! Therefore, there will not be an awakening by the ignorant renter who suddenly snaps out of it one day and realizes they are getting ripped off. However, if the true clueless wake up one day and realize what is really going on out here in the trenches then there may finally be an opportunity for economic improvement.

  6. Nicole Noseff

    We have definitely seen an increase in Lubbock market!

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