The Syndication Scrum

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  1. “The debate was focused more on how to approach syndication rather than whether to do it at all, as the latter question has apparently been settled, according to Errol Samuelson, president of and chief revenue officer of Move Inc.”

    Are you serious? Talk to some agents and not those who profit from syndication like in the quote. This is not settled!

  2. elizabeth schwendeman

    I don’t get it…..if I am working with a buyer and have a buyer agreement, he o she can still contact the listing agent and fire me!!! I don’t think the listing agent should be listed….Of course if I am the listing agent, I would probably think differently!!!

  3. The Listing Agent should ALWAYS be prominently displayed to the viewer since they have done ALL of the work to have the listing professionally entered into an MLS. As such, the listing agent has EARNED the first CONTACT position. All to often I have experienced prospective clients enraged that they have contacted or have been contacted by multiple agents from different agencies that do NOT have the listing and subsequently have little or NO KNOWLEDGE of the property. This effectively causes confusion, distrust and wasted time for the public. More rules need to be enforced to control the accuracy and the legitimacy of the data spread via syndication! Thank you for listening.