MID Platform Win Shows Impact of Activism

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  1. Tim Calnen

    Mr. Freedman:

    Kindly give us the precise wording on the MID that was actually adopted in the GOP platform. (You quoted from the 2008 platform but not from this one).

    Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy (a Democrat speaker tonight in Charlotte) alleged in the media yesterday that the housing market will be decimated by a Romney administration because the Republican will chop the MID as part of tax reform to pay for a tax reduction for higher income folks.

    Perhaps the precise platform language would counter that in some way.

    . . . Tim Calnen
    Government Affairs Director
    Connecticut Association of Realtors

  2. Robert Freedman

    Tim, the exact language is “We strongly support tax reform; in the event we do not achieve this, we must preserve the mortgage interest deduction.” You can find this passage in the section called “Protecting the Taxpayers: No More “Too Big to Fail.” To access the 2012 Republican platform, go to GOP.com.