They’re Serious About Social

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  1. Good article. The value of social media is huge. I am a recent transplant from the motorcycle industry. We have grown that and awareness through social media. Also, being in the Joplin, Mo market I saw the value of social media after a disaster. I hope it goes well for NAR and look forward to learning more.

  2. Eric, thanks for the note. Yes! I’ve read that New Orleans is using Twitter (@nolaready) to keep its citizens informed about Hurricane Issac. I’m sure you saw the same thing in Joplin. It’s fascinating. And real estate practitioners can often play a critical role during these crises, serving as impromptu liaisons between stranded citizens and short-term rentals. (Aside: I’d love to hear how your experience in the motorcycle industry is translating in real estate.)

  3. Good article Stacey,
    The most important thing that I have learned about the real estate market is to always be prepared for the ups and downs. With social media so prevalent in our lives now, this is the time to take what you have learned via other blogs and become your own master of social media. Stay engaged with clients and remember to be personalized with your content. I read recently that staying local, and posting things about the community will let your clients understand what things are in and around the city you live in.Thank you for the fantastic information Stacey!

  4. Nobu you fail to identify your brokerage on your “Questions blog” You need to set a better example for the rest of us.

  5. Nobu Hata

    You’re right Teresa! That theme doesn’t have an “about” page that had all that info. I’m shutting it down nonetheless.

  6. As a non native I have jumped into social media but have yet to see returns from any of the platforms I use. I still do better with my website. I believe the biggest issue will be persuading Realtors to jump in and then stick with it. I use Facebook mostly for family abroad and Realtor friends so my best shot would be a referral. G+ being indexed gives me an overall better chance. It’s hard keeping up with them all. As for friends, well 95% of mine are not in this country.Part of the reason I put my busy online from day 1 in 2005.