REALTORS® on the East Coast Help Clients Pick Up the Pieces Following Hurricane Sandy

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  2. In the wake of this storm, REALTORS at the Jersey Shore are working hard to find enough housing for all those residents that have been displaced. Information is hard to come-by and our Association made the decision to administratively remove all rental listings in the Jersey Shore MLS that are within the devastated or evacuated areas. Agents were instructed to simply put those listings back on the market when the dwelling is actually ready for occupancy. The public was demonstrating growing frustration when trying to find housing because the popular public portals showed availability that did not exist. The Jersey Shore MLS is now down to only 45 truly usable rental units in its inventory.

    Some municipalities have been very progressive to ease the rental certificate of occupancy process by allowing tenants to access the dwellings after the application for inspection is filed, but not to wait the typical 2 or 3 weeks for the inspection to take place. We are moving through unfamiliar territory.

    Personally, my family was blessed to simply lose power for about 10 days. Others are worse off that their homes were destroyed, but even they feel that there are still others suffering more, when even their land was taken away by the storm. How does one rebuild when their property is now part of the Barnegat Bay?

    Thanks to all that have been so generous of their time and talents in helping strangers pick up the pieces of their lives.

  3. A bright spot in our market, some areas on Long Beach Island are now open for people to return to live, while some pockets there are without utilities like Natural Gas and not usable. Agents are working to convince their Summer Rental owners to open those houses that are habitable to Winter Rentals.

    Our other barrier island, the Seaside Heights area, is slower to recover as owners just now are being allowed to return to inspect and address the damages, but not occupy the dwellings.

    Since Nov. 1, ninety seven JSMLS rental listings have been taken off the market as they have been leased!