Does NAHB Want to Ditch MLSs?

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  1. Tim in Fla

    Home Builders continue to complain about appraisals but yet most do not enter in their property data in the MLS. If builders used the MLS everyone would have access to the data to include market trends for appraisers analysis. They could enter these properties in after settlement if they are worried about coughing up a commission. Just the data would be fine. The appraisers would have sold and pending comparables and a verifiable market trend line needed for each appraisal report. Make it simple home builders, just use the MLS and stop whining. If you think that your sold price per sq foot is some kind of trade secret I have news; you all build at about the same price per sq foot.

  2. I thought Tim of Florida’s response was dead on accurate. Builders blaming the MLS for bad appraisals are like blaming guns, for gun violence. The MLS is proven to be a highly effective tool nationwide in the real estate industry. Builders and builder agents have to get better about reporting complete and accurate data to their local MLS boards. Although local MLS boards also have to setup MLS tools that support home builders and accurate appraisals. It requires a cooperation of local and national REALTORS® associations, local MLS boards, appraisers and lenders all working together to optimize the industry tools that we have.

  3. Tim in Fla

    Also, just a side comment for Realtor members; look for that RAA/GAA Designation issued by NAR. It lets you know the appraiser is also a Realtor and subscribes to the Code of Ethics. Just a thought. Everyone needs to work together.

  4., you say? It seems that the NAHB should come to terms with the National Association of REALTORS because TERRA.GOV is alive in the REALTOR Property Resource and also free to the public on Did you ever think of searching “Homes Not For Sale?” has been offering that option to search public records for years, only now it is out of the fine print at the bottom of the page with all the other Move, Inc. notices.

  5. I have to agree with Tim in Fla about accuracy of the database. Builders all too often fail to input all of their sales in the MLS. If accuracy is truly the goal, perhaps the cherry picking should stop?

  6. Mandatory reporting? Will the move toward centralization of power be enhanced by turning over control of all property transactions to some alphabet soup agency of the Fed? Is the total capitulation of the constitutional mandate that the power to regulate money by congress as enshrined in Dodd-Frank not sufficient? What does the constitution say about interference of contract? Registry of property/registry of arms,,,,,,, what’s next? Will I be mandated to disclose the number of toilet flushes? Or, will that be taken care of by implementation of smart meters? Will the Home Builders please stay with their hammers, nails and marshalltowns?

  7. Tim in Fla…. Spot On.. on All Counts!