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Seeking to make a better connection with consumers online, Web site® (yes, with a lowercase “r”) unveiled new branding this week. The rebranding effort covers — for now, anyway — the corporate logo and the overall design and structure of the Web site.

“We wanted to focus in the near term on the new look and feel,” says Andrew Strickman,®’s vice president of brand and creative. “One of our desires was to clean up the design — make it more open, warmer, and brighter.”

The rebranding is the product of an “exhaustive” research and information-gathering project started by® and its parent company, Move Inc. in the first quarter of 2012. That initiative involved input from internal stakeholders, REALTORS®, and consumers, Strickman explains.

Based on the feedback received, the overall strategy is to engage both the hearts and minds of visitors.

“People care deeply about the place they live in,” Strickman says. “It’s an emotional decision, but also a logical one. We really wanted to understand the role that a site like® plays in the consumer’s mind as they think about and dream about buying a home.”

The site received a very thorough makeover, from new color palettes down to that lowercase “r” in the official site name. Big improvements and small touches alike are intended to make® friendlier and more approachable for consumers, Strickman says.

But the changes aren’t solely design based. Strickman says® will also emphasize the relevant, up-to-date information the site provides to consumers, particularly in relation to online competitors. Additionally, the site is offering new e-mail templates for consumer-facing marketing messages from REALTORS®.

Thus far, the reaction to the rebranding has been mostly positive, with some noting that the new look is something of a departure from more traditional REALTOR® and NAR-related brands. What do you think of the changes? How do you think consumers will react? Let us know in the comment section below!

Brian Summerfield

Brian Summerfield is Manager of Business Development and Outreach for NAR Commercial and Global Services. He can be reached at

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  1. stephanie

    I am sorry I work hard to train agents to use all uppercase letters as that is our trademark and now it gets watered down. I guess it leaves me flat.

  2. Tiffany

    You might want to explain to REALTORS the difference in why is able to get approval to change the member mark, while agents are still boundto follow the member mark policyin Article 5 of the NAR bylaws.

    This may help with some of their frustration over this change.

  3. Mark Holt

    Not only did we sell out our association twice, first in the 1996 ‘licensing’ and again in 2010, now we’ve undermined our entire trademark with the consumer market with this ‘new look’.

    As noted above, if we don’t let our membership do this, why oh why would we allow it on the ‘Official Website of the National Association of REALTORs’!

    Lets just call it what it is. We sold the domain name and along with it any rights or interests to help our membership do what they need to do ‘electronically’. Its time we stop calling it ‘Official’.

  4. Jo Whitlatch has sold itself out in more ways than one! For the life of me, I cannot understand why I should be a member of NAR when consumers can now list their homes on with a company such as They pay the company $99 to list their homes on to get national exposure, but do not allow Realtors to participate in selling the home. This company, in fact, explains to consumers on its website how unnecessary it is to use a Realtor in the process of selling their homes. Todd Siegel, owner of the company, is a licensed broker and is using OUR website to undermine our entire profession. Am I the only one who has a major problem with this?

  5. Mike Garcia, GRI

    first of all, the logo should not have been changed, secondly, to show a figure of a house leaning and apparently sinking isnt a good positive image and thirdly, who gave you permission to change the logo in the first place? I dont recall getting to vote on this! all REALTOR(R)s should be appalled at the action taken by the committee that was authorized to do this wthout our consent and the president of our fellowship should be fired!!!

  6. Mary B.

    Why has our Realtor logo been changed & who authorized this? In your attempt to cater to the public you may have alienated those of us who provide the content for the site in the first place. I think the site looks drab, nearly colorless, and the crooked page sticks out like a sore thumb almost as much as seeing in lowercase letters. Also, it is apparent to me that the site is dedicated to the public and the Realtor community is nothing more than an afterthought. This whole re-branding is very disappointing, not to mention unprofessional.

  7. Eileen McDermott

    After exhausting research by the branding experts ,the resulting Rebranded, seems like a waste of time and money.
    Are we really better off with this new rebranding???

  8. Greg Dencker

    Seems like a huge waste of time and effort. Years ago FORD changed its blue oval brand and then realized they other issues to work out; i.e. higher quality cars, better MPG and so on. needs to address their actual issues and not spend time with silly things that mean nothing; something about Nero and fiddles comes to mind..

  9. I like the new logo. Clean lines – and the “where it happens” message is great as well.

    Debbie Albert
    Keller Williams Port St. Lucie, FL

  10. It is nice they are making it better for consumers, but if they don’t make it better for brokers there will be nothing for consumers to consume. Instead of equal ity in the presentation of our listings they have created a zoo where we can all try to do each other in. Hurry and buy a zip code. Place an ad next to your best competitor./ I for one will not play their games. I think NAR sold us out when they sold them a license to use the REALTOR logo how ever they please.Just sayin’
    Frances Schools

  11. The problem I see is that the goals of NAR and we Realtors are different. We want to sell property and make a living; NAR wants members. So, what NAR does is not always in our best interest. I think it is disgraceful that FSBO’s can list their homes on and bypass using a Realtor. Thank you.

  12. Judi Bryan

    The rebranding is very disappointing. It’s one thing to improve the user experience for the consumer…it’s quite another to obfuscate the brand. Those of us who have in vested decades in promoting that brand are getting screwed again…seems like echos of mls.

  13. Patricia Ann Brooks

    ONLY Realtors should be allowed to have homes on this site.
    I am amazed that this is happening.