Sham Rating Site? Oregon Agents Raise the Alert

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  1. They are currently trying to implement a RATE YOUR Agent system in Toronto Canada. This is exactly the type of negative reporting that will occur for all those agents who do not pay up!

    Isn’t it easier to ask your Realtor for recent client reviews or Testimonials A few on video maybe?

    Call a few references and ask for their experience.

    David Pylyp
    Etobicoke Home Specialist

  2. I received a couple e-mails from this company directing me to an “F” rating. They had my name in a way I never use it and they have me based in a location I’ve never been based in, but they did have my brokerage name correct.

    The website states that if you pay their $99.00 fee, you can erase that F and get A ratings. So they send you phony ratings to extort $99.00 out of you so you can delete those false ratings. The entire site is bogus to agents and the public.

    I did a Google search on them and gave up looking. What supposed clients would ever find this website to give any ratings to begin with?

    I’ve received many real testimonials available online that were solicited by a 3rd party – not myself. I am proud to direct anyone to these testimonials.

  3. Jeanette G Newton

    Some time ago I also reported this site to Laurie at NAR. I am the AOR CEO, and found myself listed and rated with an F. I have never engaged in real estate brokerage as I have never been licensed. Interesting how my non-existent clients rated me. I sent them an email demanding that my name be removed, and nothing has resulted.

  4. wanda cummings

    I am also showing on this site with an F rating it has me listed in Albuquerque, NM with a email. I am not in NM I am in Oklahoma and have never been licensed in NM. It also states since november 11, 2012 I ahave not been with c/21 neokla, Inc. since 2006 I have my own company now Pro One Realty, Inc. This is so unfair to put this trash on the internet. It is a lie, and a sham and unfair to Realtors. Is anyone going to Panama anytime soon.

  5. David, you’re right. I can’t imagine any consumer would fall for this nonsense.

    Judy, I’m glad to hear the site isn’t turning up in Google searches. I didn’t want to give the site owners the satisfaction of linking to their site and driving up their traffic; this one’s certainly not worth visiting.

    Jeanette, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard from a REALTOR association executive who ended up “rated” on one of these sites. Makes you wonder where these folks are getting their names. Thanks for making NAR aware of this!

  6. Thank you Stacey for bringing attention to such an important topic and for your genuine concern with the false complaints written about me, Jeff Berger and other REALTORS. And thank you for tagging my name to this article as I am hoping 1 day soon new pages indexed on google will be on top of the false reports written about me and the false reports will go away to the 2nd 3rd page, etc.

    As for others commenting about agent ratings be happy the site has not gained traction with google as some other complaint sites have. It’s a bigger problem than we can imagine because google actually likes these sites because the emotions and drama that play out on a complaint site pages lead to a high click through rate of google ads on such pages. In my situation, do a search of Jeff Berger REALTOR Boca Raton and you will see the mess I am in on google. Or search NAGLREP and see more of the mess. The rip off site Stacey mentions has approximately 1 million pages of content and indexes very high on google.

    Lastly, these false complaint report sites mushroom all of the parasites and hustlers as many a con person are now getting into the online reputation cleaning business and all they need to do is post a false complaint or 2 to 3 false complaints about a professional. Then they actually have the nerve to call you anonymously and “help you repair your online reputation” with their “proven system”. And it doesn’t cost them 1 nickel to get into business. I have received numerous calls from such companies and told them all they are not shaking me down and can get lost. This is what happened to me.

    thank you,
    Jeff Berger, REALTOR Boca Raton, Florida