Infographic: Figuring Out First-Time Buyers

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  1. Louise foreman

    I just closed on a house. On the day of closing after my HUD sheet was already prepared, my agent said she needed to collect 195.00 for agency commission fee.
    I feel this was grossly inappropriate. Should I confront her about this? I was told no monies other than what was on HUD closing sheet should be collected.

  2. Now is the perfect time to buy if you are a first time home buyer, because of the low interest rates and fair prices.

  3. I hear Doorsteps was recently acquired by MOVE Inc. Smart move!

  4. Billy

    Louise Foreman and getting scammed by “your” agent:. Referrals are crucial to long-term success in real estate. Remind your ‘trusted agent’ of that when you ask for your $195 back.

  5. Ann

    Louis Foreman, yes you should confront that Agent, she should had told you that in advance, that is very unprofessional of her.