NAR Leadership Ready to ‘Get in Trouble’

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  1. Here’s how you fix oh so many things….spend some of the money you’ve been wasting on advertising sad grandpas and moving vans on the following:
    EDUCATE THE PUBLIC – How? you ask? By designing your ads to show just how hard a broker and/or listing/sales agent WORK for the money. In every single market there are agents losing business b/c of the ignorance of the general public on how much money is involved. Their perception is we put a sign in the yard or we take them to a house they find online and that’s it. Hello??? Too many agents give away their time and expertise to clients who have no idea the investment in education, technology, auto expense and repair, etc. etc. etc. etc. that an agent must go through before even getting an opportunity to make a living…

  2. Wanda Buck

    Yes, let’s increase our Professional Standards by communicating and enforcing them more!
    They are what distinguishes REALTORS as professionals caring about our industry and the public. In particular the free services of our Ombudsmen and Ethics Advocate services are unknown to too many. Additionally this could help address the greed and lack of putting the clients first in relationship to the MLS “pocket listings”. The requirement of a fiduciary relationship is for the good of the people we serve, as well as ourselves!

  3. Outstanding job done by all who worked on RE Think. Here are my comments:

    1) NAR needs to change their by law to change the election process starting at the local level. All candidates who want to serve should be able to get on the ballot the same way. Let the members then vote on who they want to represent their interest. The current method of elections is neither fair nor democratic.

    2) 3 way Agreement: National, State and Local Dues and the need to belong to all three for access to our local MLS’s. a) As an almost 25 year veteran I would suggest that veterans stop having to pay dues after 25 years in the Association

    3) take back control of and allow the listing agent (at a minimum) to have their contact information prominently displayed next to their listings. Get your revenue on the upgrade of the listing itself, i.e. more photos and text. Then NAR promote the heck out of the site. Stop spending money trying to explain to the public what a “Realtor is” and “why we are relevant”. Stop with the $40/yr. for politics and use that money to promote

    4) A National MLS; or a STATE MLS. I like it.

    5) NAR: Do you serve the consumer or do you serve the dues paying member? When the consumer public starts paying your operating expenses then I would put the public before the Realtors. Until that happens I would think NAR’s main mission is to serve it’s dues paying members. Someone please explain how a MLS’s Public Facing Web Site helps my business.

    6) Increasing professionalism goes without saying. If this means raising dues or continuing education or some other measure of performance then so be it. FYI: having more members just because they are all willing to pay a very low entry fee in this profession does nothing to help my business.

    Thank you for allowing a platform for my 2 cents worth.