To Speed Short Sales, Work With Fannie Mae from the Start

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  1. Linda Carol Johnson

    This is great information,how can we find out if Fannie Mae is the serviced?

  2. Great information you shared! This will speed up the process. Shall we say 15-30 days?
    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  3. Vaughan Brookshaw

    Does Freedie Mac have or planning a similar process.

  4. Clockbird

    What a joke, one hand does not know what the other is doing and its nothing but a big joke. Waste of Tax payers money giving it to FNMA was a joke and giving FNMA the power is a Joke. Time for Americans to take over and abolish this company for good.

  5. Where in this entire world is an E&O insurance carrier who will insure an agent who
    “… is, or has has been involved in a short sale, foreclosure sale, cash for keys…”
    Every underwriter in the United States has stopped insurance. Think you are insured, look again.

  6. Short Sales are a great initiative to realize good value from underwater mortgages and give borrowers an opportunity to writeoff their debt and swift timelines to close the sale.