How Communities Become Nicer Places to Live

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  1. Enjoyed reading these wonderful examples of people becoming creative to make their communities better places to live in.
    I especially appreciate initiatives that lean on environmental conservation as this is key in our technology driven world.

  2. The term “Smart Growth” has nothing to do about being smart. It is a term developed and pushed on city planners that originated from the United Nations “Agenda 21”. The focus of smart growth and Agenda 21 is that humans are only bad for the environment. Suburban sprawl I evil and people should be re-located to live in stack housing near public transportation centers. Smart Growth challenges the right of individuals to own property.

    Google Agenda21 and smart growth and see where it takes you. Seven states have already outlawed the implementation of Smart Growth policies.

  3. I wonder if there is any incentive for neighbourhood home owners to also develop small community funds to develop local areas.

    Too often I think, area development, like parks and so on are left to local councils, and when council bureaucracy get involved, not only do the funds seem to dwindle but the time that it takes to actually see the development goes to years.

    How do you think that you can get a community to band together and invest into their own community to make the quality of life better for all.. not to mention the value of the property go up?