Students Talk Practicality of REALTOR® U Masters Courses

REALTOR® University launched its Master of Real Estate (MRE) progarm last year and more than 60 students are enrolled now, making it one of the largest real estate graduate programs in the United States. It’s an online-only program, so real estate professionals can attend classes without having to travel or take time out of their work day. Since its launch, RU has been making video testimonials available from students so others can get a sense of what the coursework is like.

In the school’s two most recent testimonials, Mary Martinez-Garcia and Kate Stockert, both of whom are concentrating in real estate association management as NAR employees, share their thoughts on the program.

Mary Martinez-Garcia

Mary is halfway through the program and she says the program is rigorous and has taken her out of her comfort zone in many ways, but she’s gotten a much deeper and broader understanding of real estate than she had before, and has learned some skills that she’s already been able to put to use in her work.

Kate Stockert

Kate is in her eighth class and is finding that the courses, although grounded in theory, have practical applications that she uses in her work. She talks about the skills she’s learned that have helped her implement an association program of a type that she hadn’t implemented before, illustrating the practical applications of what she’s learning.

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Robert Freedman

Robert Freedman is director of multimedia communications for the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. He can be reached at

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  1. Elsa

    Do you have any testimonials from an the average Realtor vs nar employees.

  2. Jim Haisler

    Elsa, While I’m a local Association Executive, I have completed two of the MRE courses and found them very good. Even though I no longer practice selling real estate, I still hold several real estate licenses, own real estate investments, and am actively engaged in helping our members be successful.

    it is my opinion that these courses provide a very in depth knowledge on the subject matter. The interactions of the other students is as beneficial as the coursework itself. I have found the other students – mostly REALTORS(r), I might add – to be very educated, knowledgeable and a wealth of information.

    That being said these are excellent courses. Make no mistake these are graduate courses that are challenging and rigorous at times.

    For personal reasons I have had to withhold from continuing the program at the moment but know that I will again pursue the degree and am very excited about that prospect.