Real Estate Connect, Day 1: Your Customers Feel Empowered, So Should You

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  1. Thanks for sharing valuable information

  2. Thanks Nobu for the informative article. For Realtors looking for a DIY option for virtual tours, check out Home2Market.

  3. Thank you Nobu for a wonderful article highlighting the poignant aspects of our panel. It was insightful and great fun to do!

  4. Isabel

    Please clarify this sentence in the article “The iPhone was the top tool for all, using app geolocation to view listings and open houses within their targeted search area while physically in the area.” When I searched for that app on my iphone it did not pull up an app that shows listings or open houses in the area. Is the name of the app incorrect in the article? What is the correct name for the app?

  5. Hi Isabel,
    The consumer panelists downloaded and used nearly all real estate apps local and national including Zillow, Trulia and Almost all modern apps have a geolocation feature like I mentioned. For you and all agents, I recommend asking your clients what they use, then download and get to know how they work.