Use the Media to Tell Your Story

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  1. Putting emphasis on details is very important so that the message will properly be delivered. Giving out persona comments and opinions should be discouraged

  2. I am sure all these tips are great advise but seems to me one may come of a bit rehearsed and robotic. Isn’t I live speech supposed to be thought provoking and inspirational? I think personal opinions and speculation have there place. Just my opinion.

  3. Agree with Scott 100%. If you are one way pretty much just focused on what you want to hopefully get out on the table it is like reading a teleprompter. Not a two way, evolving story. It is an information with yes men nodding head yes men. The conversation, interview can stay focused but you need to answer questions from the side that build to what’s on your index cards in the blazer pocket. That show you know the topic, have passion, but like a blog post comment thread, the real story often is like an iceberg. Below in the comments posed from questions asked by the media.

    Worked in broadcasting did a lot of interviewing before this 33 year of real estate career. That’s journalism. You are hinting at a press release approach. Does no work today. The interviewer asks the questions needing to be posed, what is tweeted, their followers want for full access. Open discussion is transparency, builds trust, authority, credibility.