Flood Subsidies Phasing Out Unless Congress Acts, FEMA Chief Says

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  1. My area of emphasis, Nashville, recently had historic levels of flooding, and this is increasingly becoming a point of concern locally. šŸ™

  2. Sandy Ewing Jr

    Pinellas County Florida, where I am a native of, is going to be impacted the most by this legislation. If the B & W ACT is allowed to go thru we will most likely have a sharp rise in foreclosures and vacant homes. Sales have already dropped off sharply pending legislation. Even if the ACT is postponed for a year, sales of these homes will be virtually impossible to sell. I just do not understand where our politicians have their heads. Lets stop sending money over seas. Who can afford a $500.00 to over $1,500.00 a month increase in their mortgage payments.
    The banks are going to be stuck with these properties that no one will want.
    What’s that going to cost the tax payers? Thank you politicians for putting another wrench in our recovery.

  3. rondal

    The Question is who should pay for subsidized insurance, FEMA rate are still below market rates Can some help me with my insurance, we live in earthquake prone area ?

  4. rondal

    If FEMA is charging to much Iam sure lower cost commercial policies will become available.