The Cutest Real Estate Video You’ll See All Day, Year, In Life

Some kids are destined for stardom. They’re usually discovered by big-name record execs or talent agencies. But this time, the talent scout was Coldwell Banker Real Estate, and it seems the firm has found the next great rap duo of our time — in a pair of 3-year-old twins.

As part of its “Life. Camera. Action!” contest on YouTube, Coldwell Banker solicited self-made videos from home owners highlighting the value of their homes through the eyes of children or pets. The videos were set up as entertaining home tours narrated by kids or featuring “talking” cats and dogs. That’s how Liam and Elle Johnson roared onto the music (real estate?) scene.

The twins and their parents, Jeff and Suzanne Johnson, all of whom live in Henderson, Nev., submitted their video, “This Is Home,” in which the kids rap about why their house is important to them. Adorableness ensues, of course, so much so that the rhyming rugrats climbed to the top of the charts of Coldwell Banker’s contest to be crowned the winner.

“They call me Liam / And I’m three / And my house is special to me,” little Liam sings in the video. Then the girl counterpart of the wonder group chimes in: “‘E’ to the ‘L’ to the ‘L’ to the ‘E’ / And our home is the place to be,” Elle croons. The video follows the two toddlers through their home as they highlight important features and amenities. (Elle points out, “I play shopkeeper / I’m the lead cashier / My room is pink with a chandelier.”)

Eighty entries were submitted to Coldwell Banker’s contest, and the public voted on their favorites. Among the top 10 with the most votes, Coldwell Banker chose the winning submission. The prize: $25,000.

“Having been the first in the industry to fully tap into the power of video for real estate, we understand the influence it can have in storytelling and capturing the essence of home,” said Sean Blankenship, senior vice president of marketing for Coldwell Banker. “Too often home ownership is viewed through the grown-up lens focused largely on the financial and investment aspects of our homes. We thought it would be fun and heartwarming to go beyond that, look past housing headlines and gain a unique perspective of what home really means.”

Jeff Johnson, a teacher, says in a post on Coldwell Banker’s blog that it’s an annual summer project of his to write and record songs. When he heard about the real estate company’s contest, he says, he developed the winning song with his kids. And the prize money they’ll get is going to help one of his kids’ dreams come true.

The family moved into their home a little more than two years ago, but their backyard remains a dirt lot. The kids have always wanted to be able to turn it into their playpen, but the family hasn’t had enough money to do so. The contest earnings, Jeff says, will go toward building their backyard into something Liam and Elle will enjoy for years to come. Just what do the kids have in mind? Check it out:

Other submissions to Coldwell Banker’s “Life. Camera. Action!” contest include two dogs singing about their love of their living room (and squirrels), kids showing off their art projects in their rooms, and cats with British accents leading a tour of their “purr-fect home.” See all the submissions here.

Graham Wood

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  1. That’s a great video. You would think real estate agents would want to do something similar to help differentiate themselves from the hundreds and/or thousands of other agents in their market.

  2. Super video and reminder real estate is emotional, about family, people. A house is empty, a home has laughter, life, excitement. Holidays are celebrated within the four walls, under the roof line. Life happens in the home where families grow up and out into the neighborhood. Out into the wild blue yonder after that.

  3. Congratulations Liam & Elle. This video brings a smile and laugh every time I watch it.

  4. This is adorable! Sharing this with my real estate team 🙂

  5. Now there’s a video that stands out from the rest. In marketing be different or die.