Showdown With the Shutdown: Tales of How the Government Closures are Affecting Real Estate

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  1. Tim Knobloch

    We manage a property for an owner that had to move from the Washington DC suburbs to Texas. The tenant we have is a Doctor doing research for the National Institute of Health or a one year contract. The funding for her research is not happening because of the shutdown. Since she is not a federal employee she is not guaranteed that she will get paid. She lives paycheck to paycheck and will not have the rent if she doesn’t get paid. The owner in Texas is concerned that they will not collet rent if the tenant doesn’t get paid. The ripple effect of a shut down.

  2. For the most part, buyers in my area are just having serious slowdowns on their mortgage approvals…

  3. Annette Bukowski

    We at “Ground Zero” one year later from Super Storm Sandy cannot even find a flood zone! There was supposed to be a new actuarial site to help potential home buyers (or home owners) calculate what their flood insurance premiums might look like. It was to have been launched on October 1st- guess what? It is terrible here on the Jersey Shore and our waterfront buyers have literally “bailed out”

  4. Bob

    In some regards, we are “fragile” and so interconnected as a country. We need our government to lead us well.

  5. I wonder if this is happening in the Reno Nevada housing market? We are seeing explosive growth thanks to Tesla and other big companies moving to Nevada. Home and rental prices are very expensive compared to 3 years ago.

    Most of the new people are transplants from California who cashed out on their home sales and bought thier homes outright, pushing prices up in the area.