Why Online Reviews Can Make or Break Your Client Base

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  1. Excellent infographic. Does one negative review on a RATE YOUR AGENT site NEG my entire collection of Testimonials? Will Yelp get more page views than Youtube? Is it possible that the Clients expectation were unrealistic or illegal? Will you offer rebuttal to the comment?

    Better I should have my own video collection available publicly. Does Google and Youtube have more SEO juice than others? Absolutely It will display in the SERPS

    I think the number of views speaks for itself

    If you have booked an appointment with a Listing Prospect I hope that they Google you prior to the home visit. What will the Millennial find?

    David Pylyp
    Toronto Google Me

  2. Good info. Reviews are important but we need to keep them in perspective. They show how well we do our customer service and allow us to try to fix problems.

  3. Thank you for a very valuable information. What would you say though – what is more harmful to a website – no reviews or greater portion of bad reviews over good ones? No reviews = suspicious, mixed reviews = company is in business. Would be grateful for your opinion!

  4. Yes, I agree with you. Reviews are very valuable for improving the business services where people are facing problems. We can detect where our business is lacking and improve the services immediately so that our audience will no longer face those problems!