VIDEO: Are You Modern to the Minute?

Why bus-bench ads don’t work anymore: They can be easily obscured — by a sleeping homeless man. Why real estate refrigerator magnets are fruitless: They end up in the junkyard, still clinging to outdated and discarded kitchen appliances.

Those are reasons why real estate professionals need to leave old methods of communication behind and move into the modern age of social media to promote their businesses, according to a new “mockumentary” by RESAAS. The video, “The Evolution of Real Estate,” uses humor to drive home the point that practitioners who don’t embrace new technology and modern communication are being left behind.

While meant to take a funny approach to the topic of modernized marketing — the video is narrated by a Shakespearean actor who speaks in an old-century stage manner — the problems of using old-school tactics in a modern world can be very serious for business.

“Our concept and strategy was to show agents how transforming from old-school tactics to new digital media isn’t so difficult or scary,” says Lisa Francilia, who manages marketing, branding, and advertising campaigns for RESAAS. “It’s an evolution that embraces new technology and promotes real-time interaction online between a network of agents. We’re suggesting that there’s a new way of communicating, so that’s how we should market ourselves, too.

A number of powerhouse real estate names, such as Christophe Choo, president of the Christophe Choo Real Estate Group at Coldwell Banker Previews International, are featured in the video.

The mockumentary is meant to do more than promote RESAAS, a social network platform that allows agents to connect and share listings and other items of interest with each other and their clients. It’s meant to promote a way of thinking that “involves many organizations, associations, and individuals who believe that change is good and that technology provides incredible opportunities for everyone in the industry,” Francilia says.

How do you keep your business modern to the minute? Share your insights and tips in the comments section below.

Graham Wood

Graham Wood is a senior editor for REALTOR® Magazine. He can be reached at

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  1. Karrie

    Plan to share this with my whole office! Thanks

  2. Getting Realtors to understand that they are the brand is a tough sell, many try to simply push listings, not themselves. Once you realize that you are the brand, advertising choices become much more clear not to mention that designing your material becomes much faster, from flyers to signs to your online presence

  3. Very clever and accurate.

  4. You start on the OTHER end, not neon brand billboards, super bowl ads and then try to build the foundation to support it all. More images, real full motion video, boatloads of helpful links and promoting, educating the local community angle to the real estate buyer hanging out of the plane. Ready to parachute but into which market. Yours will be the one to rip cord in if you deliver, bring the entire office listings, local area exposure on the road, online to where he or she lives now.

    Do such a great job above the rest of the herd that they can not help but notice you stand out because of your work, not your ego. Let your marketing of property listings, your area local event flavor make you shine brighter. To expand the market beyond the local zip codes. Be the little red hen. Give the buyer everything they want in this real estate service industry.