Veissi: Pause Needed on Flood Ins. Changes

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  1. The Realtors in Mississippi are thankful for your testimony and applaud NAR for the work they are doing to delay this Act.

  2. Tom Rhubart

    It’s about time that the taxpayer stop funding flood insurance for the rich with their million dollar beach homes. Why should someone with a million dollar property on or near the breach pay less in flood insurance than I pay and I’m not anywhere near water.

  3. It is interesting to me that so few home owners know anything about this issue. We speak to people every day who have never heard of it at all. In Houston, flooding is a real issue and we are no where near the beach. Lots of realtors are very nervous around here.

  4. I hear that certain areas are getting increased rates. Have the new flood maps come out yet? How can I find them?

  5. Robert Freedman

    Mike, is an official site of FENA and has links to area flood maps and other resources.

  6. When are the senior-leaders-for-life of the NAR going to stop demanding that Mr. and Mrs. American Taxpayer subsidize the residential real estate industry? Enough is enough!

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