How You Made 2013 a Successful Year in Real Estate

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  1. Focus on a phenomena that we called “sustainable real estate” we have had good financial numbers this year. Also the use of Facebook as a marketing channel was totally successful. Every year real estate is more and more difficult.

    Thanks for share this value information.

  2. mhw

    I passed my real estate agent exam on the first try, thus beginning a new career after a five-year illness had ended my successful corporate career.

  3. 2013 was my 26th year in the business and a record breaking year on many fronts. I celebrated 6yrs out after being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer which puts a different spin on success. I had my best year in sales ever. It was great just to have the energy to help people again. I made the transition from owner to agent in a luxury market firm with incredible marketing and haven’t looked back. It is amazing how fast the industry is changing and I’m embracing all the new technology. Looking forward to a robust market in 2014 and I’m excite to see what new tools will be available.

  4. The only way to be successful in during 2013 it was to use opportunities of advertising in digital media and the internet, it was a difficult year for the real estate, but thanks to advertising campaigns, the numbers appear in green

  5. After 19 years as a Realtor and turning 50 this year, I opened my own real estate business. It took 19 years and a sluggish market to say what the hell, what do I have to loose! Now wondering why it took me so long!

  6. I signed over 400 leases which was a record year for me! Real Property Management Midwest

  7. this is a very inspirational site for comments – especially 400 leases! That is incredible!