A Quick and Easy Jump-Start to Your 2014

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  1. DeLynn Willard

    Reinventing myself in 2014 with a New Career in Real Estate after moving to a new area. Any recommendations or suggestions on how to get out there & get my name, energy, enthusiasm and newly aquired knowledge (which continues every day) to the public would be so appreciated. I know this will be difficult but exciting. I do love a challenge and over coming seemingly difficult opportunities is something I enjoy. I am doing the “normal” activities however, bouncing out of the box will be thrilling.
    As I said, if there is any advice you can offer or places I can explore suggested reading I would so appreciate it!
    Thank you and may 2014 be a successful new year!

  2. Thank you for sharing such great information and fun ideas! I’m excited to start this today! Happy New Year!

  3. In terms of the marketing piece, get your properties in front of niche markets. If you are selling luxury property then get on a luxury property listings if you are selling an old, historic house with some character get your page on a site like http://www.circaoldhouses.com

  4. Great ideas – thanks for sharing.

  5. Happy New Year, Nobu! I love the champagne idea šŸ™‚ My January calendar is prepped with my 31 Things in 31 Days to help me jump start my (14th) year in the business!

  6. Thanks for the article! I liked the idea of analyzing your marketing and deciding what worked this last year and what didnā€™t. Everyone should make a list of things that were and will be good for his business and the things they did wrong. For example, if you had some problems with your tenants you should analyze the reason why did it happen and how to avoid the same problem in future. Like the article says cancel everything that didnā€™t work. We should know how to cope with problems and how to find the way out. Anyway, even bad experience is also an experience for you that can help you with your future affairs.