VIDEO: Coldwell Banker’s Latest Hit to Be Released During Grammys

With the 56th Annual Grammy Awards coming up on Sunday, we’re all reminiscing about some of the classic hits over the decades. Coldwell Banker Real Estate has one in mind: Mötley Crüe’s anthem “Home Sweet Home.” It’s the perfect blend of everything that makes music great along with a message of the importance of home. And that makes it the perfect soundtrack to Coldwell Banker’s latest advertising campaign.

The real estate giant will air its “Home Sweet Home” commercial during Sunday’s Grammys telecast, the second year in a row Coldwell Banker has chosen the coveted nationally televised awards ceremony as the launching pad for its campaigns. The commercial features vignettes of all those little moments of joy after arriving home from a long day — kicking off your shoes, falling into the couch, sinking into the tub — as Mötley Crüe’s hit wails in the background.

“Music and home certainly go together, no matter where you are in the world, and we believe we have found the appropriate major events to showcase the emotional value we place in our homes,” says Sean Blankenship, Coldwell Banker’s senior vice president of marketing. “We felt the words and energy of ‘Home Sweet Home’ matched the emotional attachment people have with their homes.”

The commercial will coincide with Coldwell Banker’s social media hashtag campaign, appropriately called #HomeRocks. Coldwell Banker is planning to launch a second ad campaign called “Your Home,” which will mark the third campaign in which the company has used the voice of actor Tom Selleck, during the telecast of the Academy Awards on March 2.

“The Grammys and Academy Awards give us a unique opportunity to speak to millions of Americans with a brand message that lays the groundwork for continued dialogue with Coldwell Banker sales professionals,” Blankenship says. “Those local, one-on-one conversations are critical because that’s where consumers can learn about the positive changes that have occurred in their housing markets.”

Graham Wood

Graham Wood is a senior editor for REALTOR® Magazine. He can be reached at

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  1. nice post, interesting article for real estate deals ….

  2. What a great commercial. This truly captures the essence of what owning a home is all about. The feeling you get when pulling into YOUR home at the end of a day is really a great feeling.

  3. They really know how to sell the dream.