Success in Real Estate and the ‘Latte Factor’

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  2. If this is your best advice I feel my dues are sorely misspent.

  3. I thought we were thinking about the possibility that of a cup of latte each morning could be a good way to meet people, and a good investment in getting new business, instead of a waste of money that could be better spent elsewhere. Actually, we just never know from where we might get new business.

  4. Julia Foley

    To the contrary I have met and networked with many clients in neighborhood coffee shops-not to mention picked up info on neighborhood listings and insider info etc etc etc- Being out and about and known in your hood is crucial to getting business. Worth every penny of a good latte!

  5. Go ahead, have a Latte!

  6. John Gillespie

    Thanks for this Pearl! (of wisdom)
    Very true and accurate article,
    IF you are financially conscious
    OR you are not a personality type that mingles well.

    I get the 99 cent c-store coffee: Only taking $150 from my BUDGET.

    (Robert, for other comments about pearls see Matthew.)