After Trulia Merger, ActiveRain Has More to Prove to Its Users

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  1. Graham, great write up on the different opinions of the Trulia/Active Rain merger. I recall being asked several years ago if I thought it to be wise to build a home on land I owned or on land I leased.

    Shortly after being asked that question, I created my own self hosted site and invested my time and energy into land I owned rather than someone else’s land.

    No different than how real estate agents often ask people if they think it’s better to rent or own.

    Trulia and Active Rain are great if you are OK with being a renter for the rest of your life and have little control over the rent and furnishing the home.

  2. The focus of your blogging, real estate videos, niche websites, should be on this end of the information funnel. Build in your own local community backyard where you are tour guide, navigator. Do that first and cross pollinate your marketing to SEO rocket like it has a nitrous oxide bottle to detonate, explode and have greater reach, more frequency. Do that first and then use the other platforms to “amplify” and fill in the cracks in your marketing. AR is a wonderful learning, sharing guide but should not be the only egg in your marketing basket. Blog often, blog locally first and branch out from there.

  3. Wouldn’t these big brother sites make more money if they charged the millions of people in the general public a usage fee? Are Realtors making so much money that we can financially grow these companies with no real benefit to ourselves? AR was one of the few havens for agents. What are they going to take away next? Better yet, what are we going to allow them to take next?

  4. Therefore, you’d better be represented by your realtor to get the best possible results.
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  5. any update on this post whether the merger went well or not? AR is charging about 50% off nowadays so I guess they really want your buisiness.

  6. As with any blogging or marketing platform, the content that is created determines the value the real estate agent will get out of AR, Zillow or whatever. I am a new blogger on the platform, as I see SEO value. Time will tell what direction this network takes with this merger. I would like to see all content open on this network. Makes the most sense.